Copyright a Mystery? Here's a Little Help!

via Engaging the Digital Natives by Jerri Davis

Copyright Kids a site created by the The Copyright Society of the U.S.A, which fosters the study and knowledge of copyright law and the rights in literature, music, art, theater and movies.

Copyright Kids is an web-based tool dedicated to teaching students the ins and outs of copyright. Copyright Kids teaches basic information about protecting your own creations, offering the basics of copyrights, copyright definitions, and answers basic questions students may have. Copyright Kids also offers a parent/teacher component.

The homepage of Copyright Kids allows quick access to links offering information on each given topic. Each page then offers helpful links to increase understanding, as well as providing examples of copyrighted materials.

Copyright Kids also offers the Lincoln Middle School Multimedia Yearbook Club.

This portion of the site guides students though copyright issues, along with Copyright Cat. Working with the yearbook club students learn how copyright laws may actually effect them and why it’s important.

Copyright Kids is a nice copyright resource for the classroom. Definitely worth taking a look at. Big shout out to EDge21 for sharing this resource.

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