Google Maps View – PhotoSphere Sharing

Google Maps just added a Views feature that lets Google Plus users submit PhotoSpere images to their Views profile for public browsing. If approved, they may also be integrated into a Views layer on Google Maps.

Check it out at

I’ve also found a particularly interesting trick for what I’ll call Dynamic Viewing of these shared PhotoSpheres if you have an Android device with an eCompass (probably not Fire) and accelerometer (almost everybody). Here are the initial steps, though you are then able to share a more direct link:

Once PhotoSpheres are shared on your Maps View account they are queued for approval to show up in Maps. When that happens there is a link to “View on Google Maps”. When you click that link while on Android, it will ask what app you prefer to open it with. If you choose Google Maps, it will actually open it in the Street View viewer. On Androids with an eCompass the Street View menu has a “Compass” mode that gives what I’m calling the Dynamic View effect. Kindle Fire or iPad can view these as a “panorama” somewhat less dynamically.

After your Photo Sphere is approved for the “View on Google Maps” link, you can copy that for more direct sharing like THIS (click here).

If opening this link on an Android, choose Google Maps so that it will open directly in Street View with access to the “Compass mode” in the menu.

From a Windows browser you can even get an embed code for doing such as this:

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