HB 5, Part 1

First, I want to remind everyone that our varsity volleyball team travels to Hampton Prep for a district match tonight. There will only be a varsity game. Hampton Prep is located at 8915 S. Hampton Road in Dallas.

In this past legislative session, HB 5 was passed and signed into law by the governor. HB 5 makes some of the most dramatic changes in graduation requirements in many years. It contains changes to almost all parts of the overall education program in Texas. As such, it makes it impossible to provide a concise summary of all the changes in one posting. So, over the next couple of weeks, I will try to break down HB 5 into small components and discuss each separately. Today, we will look at the new graduation requirements.

In HB 5, there is only one graduation program: the Foundation School Program. The Foundation School Program replaces the Recommended High School Program, the Minimum High School Program, and the Distinguished High School Program with one 22-credit Foundation School Program. HB 5 requires that the State Board of Education adopt rules that require:

• 4 credits in English language arts (English I, II, III, and an advanced ELA)

• 3 credits in math (Algebra I, geometry, and an advanced math credit)

• 3 credits in science (Biology, IPC or an advanced science credit, and another
advanced science credit)

• 3 credits in social studies (U.S. history, .5 economics, .5 government, and either
world history or world geography, or a new course combining world history and
world geography)

• 2 credits in languages other than English (computer programming languages may substitute per SBOE rule, and other flexibility for 2nd LOTE credit for students who due to disability are unlikely to complete two courses in the same language)

• 1 credit in fine arts (can be community-based program with appropriate TEKS coverage)

• 1 credit in P.E. (including approved off-campus programs)

• 5 credits in electives (may include CTE or certification courses)

Requires all districts to make available to each high school student in the district an Algebra II course beginning with the 2014–2015 school year.(Note: EISD has offered Algebra II for all students for a number of years. This requirement will have no impact on the district or our students).


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