Volleyball Wins and HB 5, Part 2

Yesterday, the Lady Bulldogs varsity volleyball team traveled to Dallas to play Hampton Prep. The Lady Bulldogs won the match 3-0. The win puts the Lady Bulldogs at 3-0 in district play. The next volleyball game will be this Friday against Faith Family. The varsity game will start at 4:30 followed by the JV game. Faith Family does not have a 9th grade team.

Today, I want to expand our look at HB 5. Yesterday, we saw that the three current graduation plans are being condensed down into one Foundation School Program plan. Today, I want to talk about the endorsements that students may receive under the Foundation School Program.


Requires a district to ensure that each student entering grade nine indicate in writing
an endorsement choice. Mandates that the district allow a student to choose, at any time, to earn an endorsement other than the one previously selected.

Mandates that a student be allowed to graduate under the foundation program only after the student’s sophomore year under certain circumstances. Defines the circumstances that permit a student to graduate under the foundation program after the student’s sophomore year without earning an endorsement only if (1) the student and parent or guardian is advised of the benefits of graduating with one or more endorsements, and (2) the parent or guardian files written permission with the school counselor.

Requires the SBOE (State Board of Education) to adopt rules that permit a student to enroll in courses under more  than one endorsement curriculum before the student’s junior year.

Establishes endorsements in five categories:

(1) STEM
(2) Business and Industry
(3) Public Services
(4) Arts and Humanities
(5) Multidisciplinary

Mandates the SBOE adopt rules requiring a student to earn any endorsement by successfully completing a total of 26 credits that include four math credits; four science
credits; and two additional elective credits. Requires the SBOE to develop additional curriculum requirements for each endorsement with the direct participation of educators, business, labor, and industry representatives.

Includes an “opt-in” option for a student participating in the arts and humanities endorsement to substitute the advanced science requirement with another course related to the endorsement. Directs the SBOE to adopt criteria. Mandates the student’s
parent or guardian give written permission.

Requires that districts report to TEA the categories of endorsement(s) for which the
district offers all courses needed for the particular endorsement(s). Mandates each
district to make available courses needed for at least one endorsement, and if only one endorsement curriculum is offered it be the multidisciplinary endorsement.

Provides that an endorsement earned is noted on the student’s diploma and transcript.

Applies beginning with the 2014–2015 school year.

Tomorrow, we will look more closely at the Foundation School Program and endorsements.

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