For the past several years, EISD has utilized PaySchools to process online payments for food service accounts, activity fees, yearbooks, and other various programs. PaySchools has served the district and community well. One of the shortcomings of PaySchools is that it was never designed to interface with our student services software. In order for a payment to be credited to your account, you had to log into PaySchools and submit a payment for an account. PaySchools would then send an email to me specifying the amount of the payment, the activity, and the student. I would then have to forward the email to the appropriate personnel in order of the payment to be credited. Again, PaySchools was an acceptable first step in providing parents with the convenience of utilizing online payments.

With the district’s new student services software, Skyward, we now have the flexibility of utilizing an online service that ties directly into our student services software. This online service is called RevTrak. RevTrak works much like PaySchools. The big difference is that once a parent makes a payment for a student account, that payment will show up almost immediately in that account. There will no longer be a delay. Some parents have already started to use RevTrak. I encourage everyone else to make the transition as soon as possible. On December 2, 2013, PaySchools will no longer accept payments for any activities for the district.

In order to use RevTrak, parents must have a Family Access account. If you do not have an account, or you need help with your account, please contact Karen Thompson at or by calling (903) 425-5299. I have attached a flyer at the end of this post that details how to use RevTrak.

I know that change is never easy; however, with the new advantages that RevTrak offers, the change will ultimately be better for the users. If you have questions or comments regarding RevTrak, please do not hesitate to contact me at


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