Intermediate Wins UIL Academic Meet and This Week

Eustace Intermediate School won the Elementary UIL Academic Meet this past week. Eustace Intermediate scored a total of 485 points in the meet to edge out Malakoff at 451 points. Last year the Intermediate placed second in the meet. Congratulations to all of the participants, their coaches, and parents and friends for contributing to this achievement. Below are the Eustace students that placed in each event:

3rd Grade Ready Writing 
2nd place Chloe Hinkle – Eustace
5th place Kyleigh Hemmingway – Eustace

3rd grade Storytelling
1st place – Navan Sanchez – Eustace
4th place –  Jaden Breedlove – Eustace

4th grade Ready Writing
1 – Cooper Reeve – Eustace
2 – Abigail Myers – Eustace
6 – Abby Woodland – Eustace

4th grade Music Memory
5th place – Dylan Worth – Eustace

3rd – Eustace

4th Grade Oral Reading
1st place – Madison Kulsa – Eustace
2nd place – Faith Merchant – Eustace

4th Grade Number Sense
1st place – Jace Milner – Eustace
2ndplace – Cooper Reeve – Eustace
5th place – Cooper Walker – Eustace

1st place – Eustace

4th Grade Art
5th place – Scottie Neepers – Eustace
6th place – Landon Carroll – Eustace

2ndplace – Eustace

4th Grade Spelling
2nd place – Ryan Garsee – Eustace

4th place –  Faith Merchant – Eustace
6th place – Abigail Myers – Eustace

1st place – Eustace

5th grade ready writing
1 – Ella Taylor – Eustace
2 – Madison Hutto – Eustace
4 – Elaine Hendrickson – Eustace

5th Social Studies
6th place – Emily Morton – Eustace

5th Grade Dictionary
3rd place – Sebastian Urteaga – Eustace
5th place – Bobbi Dunlap – Eustace
6th place – Paxton Schwartz – Eustace

2nd place – Eustace

5th Grade Number Sense
1st place – Lupita Garcia – Eustace
3rd place – Richard Phillips – Eustace

1st Place – Eustace

5th Grade Listening
1st place – Paige Hill – Eustace
2nd place – Ella Taylor – Eustace
4th place – Danny Stout – Eustace

1st place Eustace

5th Grade Oral Reading
2nd place – Ella Taylor – Eustace
3rd place – Rubi Bailey – Eustace
5th place – Naveah Sanchez – Eustace

5th Grade Music Memory
2nd place – Elaine Hendrickson – Eustace
4th place – Georgia Utz – Eustace

3rd place – Eustace

 5th Grade Maps
1st place – Paxton Schwartz – Eustace
4th place – Clay Carpenter – Eustace

1st place – Eustace

5th grade Art
4th place – Samuel Clarke – Eustace
5th place – Ella Taylor – Eustace

2nd  place – Eustace

5th Grade Spelling
1st place – Joseph Hunter – Eustace
2nd place – Aden Cardenas – Eustace
3rd place – Austin Adams – Eustace

1st place – Eustace


This Week

Red Oak Life is not in school today. The Middle School basketball games scheduled against Red Oak Life have been cancelled for today. We will try to reschedule these games at a later date.

Monday – HS All Region Auditions – Kemp

Tuesday – HS Boys Basketball at Mineola; HS Girls District Basketball v. Faith Family

Thursday – Middle School UIL Academic Contest; Varsity Boys Basketball at Fruitvale Tournament; Christmas Concert – 7:00 PM – HS Auditorium

Friday – HS Girls District Basketball at Palmer; HS Boys Basketball at Fruitvale Tournament

Saturday – Christmas on the Square

I hope everyone has a great week!

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