No Registration Needed…

via Engaging the Digital Natives by Jerri Davis

As teachers we are always looking for great Web 2.0 tools for our students, however required registration becomes a problem especially for those of use who work with younger students.  Well lucky for all of us,  Nathan Hall  has done the work and complied a list of of tools that require no registration!  In the posting, Web Tools: No Registration Needed For Students ,  Nathan Hall  has complied a list of tools including QR Codes, poll and survey tools, online whiteboards and cork boards, word clouds, maps and charts, photo editing and the list goes on and on.

Web Tools: No Registration Needed For Students  lists many tools that are new to me and I can’t wait to check out some of them.  I recommend taking a look at the list, I bet you find something that becomes one of your favorite tools.

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