Turtle Diary….Making Learning Fun

via Engaging the Digital Natives by Jerri Davis

 Turtle Diary is a website with  many games for learners in grades Pre-K through 3rd grade, as well as a new section for toddlers.   Turtle Diary games can be chosen by content area, topic or grade level.  The games offer quick lessons for skill and then a game to reinforce the learning while making it fun.  
 Turtle Diary‘s goal is to make learning fun while developing comprehensive skills in math, language, science, and social studies.   Turtle Diary not only offers games but also videos, skill building, puzzles, biographies of famous people and even science experiments.  Interactive storybooks and printable worksheets are also available at  Turtle Diary.
 Turtle Diary currently only offers activities for students through 3rd grade, however the site is currently working on providing lessons and games for students in 4th and 5th grade as well.  Turtle Diary is definitely worth taking the time to check out.

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