Mid-Winter Conference

The annual Mid-Winter Conference was held this past Sunday through Wednesday. I had a chance to hear from speakers on a variety of subjects. However, I would say that the discussion around House Bill 5 dominated more presentations than any other topic. As you recall, HB 5 was passed in the most recent legislative session. It provided some dramatic changes to the graduation programs offered in the state. It basically replaced the current three tiered system (Minimum, Recommended, & Distinguished Achievement) with one Foundation School Program plan. Students are also given the opportunity to choose among several endorsements to add to their graduation program. In addition, student can choose to obtain a Distinguished acknowledgement by completing additional requirements.

Over the next couple of months, EISD will be deciding about local graduation requirements, the endorsements that will be offered at EISD, and planning meetings with parents in of 8th grade students. This year’s 8th graders will be the first group that is required to be under the new system. Each 8th grader will have a personal graduation plan and will be given the opportunity to choose an endorsement area. Endorsements may be changed at any point and a student may earn more than one endorsement.

The State Board of Education is currently meeting in Austin. With the decisions provided by the SBOE, we will be able to start to put everything together for the students of EISD. As we make progress toward fully implementing this new system, further updates and information will be provided.

A reminder that our High School basketball teams will be in action at Dallas Life Oak Cliff tonight. Tomorrow our 7th and 8th grade girls will continue their end of the year tournament.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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