Groovy Grader

via Engaging the Digital Natives by Jerri Davis

As you pack up to go home at the end of the day, take one less thing home…your slide grader. Yes it is light weight and you barely know it is there, but it is still one more thing to organize and take with you.  Then when you get home and realize you don’t have it, you’re frustrated.   Groovy Grader is nice app designed to make things a little easier for you.  Have your slide grader right on your device.  It seems we always have our devices with us at all times, most of the time we know where it is, and we have begun to use it for more than just talking and texting.  Groovy Grader is another productive app to help things become a little bit more organized.
Groovy Grader is a nice little app to have in your teacher toolkit.  Definitely worth checking out.

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