STAAR Season: Make Fill-in-the-Dot Fun!

via Technology Tidbits by Twyla Felty

While the state and the nation continue to challenge teachers to promote higher level thinking, use project-based learning, and integrate technology into instruction, the mandated tests for measuring student achievement remained unchanged. So, the challenge for teachers is double-edged: make all these great changes to our instructional methodology without causing a ripple in the testing continuum! ARGH!!!

So, here is a great idea from a high school Algebra teacher to keep the fun in this fill-in-the-dot world!
She created STAAR warm-up questions and inserted QR codes that contain hints or definitions to help the students along. These codes not only help students with content, but they add an element of technology fun to this usually mundane format at the same time. Way to go for creative thinking, Ms. Traughber!!

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