OAP, UIL Film, UIL Academics, and This Week

The EHS one act play was named as the alternate advancing play in the district competition. Individuals receiving awards included Jerrod Branscum, All Star Cast Award, Haley Henson and Chase Harper, All Star Cast Honorable mention awards and Michael Guard, Outstanding Technical Achievement award. Congratulations to the cast and crew of the OAP on a great performance. The OAP is directed by Tammy Beaty and Calvin Kennedy. A picture of the cast, crew, and directors is posted at the end of this entry.

Last week, I reported that EHS student Nicholas Caldwell’s narrative film had been chosen as a state semifinalist. Last Friday, Nicholas’ film was named as on of the 7 state finalists in the UIL Young Filmmakers Festival. Congratulations to Nicholas on this awesome accomplishment!

The district UIL academic contest was held this past Saturday in Palmer. I do not have individual results at this time, but the following information comes from Vikki GoDair, UIL coordinator at the HS:

Once again, the Eustace UIL Academics team had a strong showing at the District Meet. Thirty-one students competed and brought home 19 medals, 14 ribbons, and 2 first-place team plaques. So far TWENTY students will be advancing to Regionals. Official results will be posted on the UIL website by tomorrow. Thanks to coaches and students who worked hard all year to make this happen!

 Congratulations to all the students and their sponsors on these achievements!

This Week

This is the first week of state assessments. Students at the High School, Middle School, and Intermediate School will be participating in the STAAR testing.

Monday – End of Course STAAR – English I

Tuesday – End of Course STAAR – English II; STAAR Writing, Day 1, Grades 4 & 7; STAAR Math, Grades 5 & 8

Wednesday – STAAR Writing, Day 2, Grades 4 & 7; STAAR Reading, Grades 5 & 8

Thursday – High School Track at Kemp Relays

Friday – Middle School District Track Meet at Malakoff; JV and V Baseball v. Scurry; Softball v. Red Oak Life



EHS One Act Play - Cast, Crew, & Directors

U.I.L. District 13 2A One Act Play


Results for Eustace Theater Arts for UIL Zone and District Contests:

“I Remember You” by Alvin Boretz

March 20, 2014   District 13 2A  Zone A   Advancing Play

March 27, 2014    District 13 2A  District  Alternate Advancing Play

Individual Results:

Jerrod Branscum Zone & District All Star Cast awards

Delaney Worth Zone All Star Cast award

Chase Harper Zone & District All Star Cast Honorable Mention awards

Haley Henson Zone & District All Star Cast Honorable Mention awards

Casey Rickert  Zone Outstanding Technical Award

Michael Guard District Outstanding Technical Award

Everyone Needs a Brain Break…

via Engaging the Digital Natives by Jerri Davis

GoNoOdle is a great site offering free brains breaks for the classroom.  All students come to class but not with the same home experiences.  Some have had plenty of rest and plenty of food, some have not;  some come to school ready to use their energy to learn, some come ready to use their energy for anything but learning; and there are some who come to school with no energy at all…this is where GoNoOdle comes to the rescue.  GoNoOdle is a great site offering videos lasting anywhere from one and a half minutes to 7 minutes, promoting physical activity that can be done in the classroom.

GoNoOdle is kid friendly.  The look and feel appeals the students in your classroom.  Teachers set up their class in GoNoOdle and choose a silly “champ” or mascot (like the one below) to encourage your students to get up and move.

The videos provided by GoNoOdle encourage different physical activity like running, dancing, and stretching – pretty much anything to promote movement.  The videos are from Zumba for Kids, YouTube, some GoNoOdle Games.
Once you have your GoNoOdle classroom set up the class mascot offers words silly words of encouragement and keeps the class on track by keeping count of the number of minutes that the class has spent in movement.  Once the class has accomplished the set goals then GoNoOdle will take the class to a new level and allows the class to pick a new champ.  
GoNoOdle is fun and engaging and does a great job of giving kids the brain breaks they need.  

YAKiT Kids = Fun, Fun, Fun…

via Engaging the Digital Natives by Jerri Davis

Oh my goodness…there are no words for the fun YAKiT Kids creates!  YAKiT Kids is an app that allows users to bring their photos to life.  Photos can be taken from the device’s camera roll or camera or choosing photos from a web search.  After choosing your photo you then add a mouth, which you can create or use a pre-exiting mouth from the options. After choosing a mouth you can also add extras such as a face which includes, eyes, eyebrows, and noses.
You can even include other elements  provided by YAKiT Kids, such as talking characters, special effects such as confetti, smoke, rain clouds, and even props that include the sun, glasses, money, and various other items. 
Not only is YAKiT Kids loads of fun, incredibly easy to manipulate, but it’s FREE! Yep, you read correctly, it’s free. 
The YAKiT Kids app can used to to enhance and reinforce learning.  YAKiT Kids can be used to demonstrate understanding of various skills such as  presenting facts about a historical figure, having a character tell the summary of a book or story, or it could even be used to prove understanding of science topics such as weathering and erosion, phases of matter, or even science vocabulary.  I see the uses for YAKiT Kids as being endless.  And the best part…kids are having so much fun they forget they are learning!  

Here is a sample of a quick YAKiT Kids that I created from a picture of my nephew’s steer which he showed at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodoe…

UIL Short Film Semifinalist and Cedar Creek Library Art Show

Nicholas Caldwell, EHS student, received word this past week that his narrative film Beyond Words, was named as a state semifinalist by UIL. The state finalists will be named March 28. In the preliminary round, Nicholas’ film was ranked number one by the judges. HIs film may be viewed by following this link:


Over the weekend, several EHS students had their artwork displayed at the annual Cedar Creek Library Art Show. EHS art teacher, Brent Ragland, provided the following information:

First Place 2D Art (Blue Ribbon) – Ruby Espiricueta

First Place 2D Art (Blue Ribbon) – Candace Rosado

Second Place 2D Art (Red Ribbon) – Bethany Calhoun

Third Place 2D Art (White Ribbon) – Delaney Worth

Fourth Place 2D Art (Yellow Ribbon) – Jason Nelms

First Place 3D Art (Blue Ribbon) – Meagan Gunter

Fourth Place 3D Art (Yellow Ribbon) – Chelsea Oliver

A gallery of photos of these students is provided below. Congratulations to Nicholas and all of the art students on these great achievements!

OAP Advances and This Week

Congratulations to the cast and crew of the one act play on advancing from zone competition to district competition this past Thursday. Several cast and crew members received individual honors:

Jerrod Branscum – All Star Cast Award
Delaney Worth – All Star Cast Award
Haley Henson – All Star Cast Honorable Mention Award
Chase Harper – All Star Cast Honorable Mention Award
Casey Rickert – Outstanding Technical Crew Leader Award

The play will now compete against other advancing plays at the district level. With so many schools in our spring district, the district was divided into a north zone and a south zone. The top two plays from each zone are advanced to the district competition. The district competition will be held this Thursday in Kemp. The one act play is directed by Tammy Beaty and Calvin Kennedy.

This Week

Monday – Middle School Track at Kemp

Tuesday – Kindergarten Family Reading Night; JV and V Baseball at Kemp; Softball at Kemp

Wednesday – Middle School UIL Concert Contest in Canton

Thursday – 2nd Grade Game Night; District One Act Play at Kemp; HS Track at Ferris

Friday – Baseball at Red Oak Life; Softball v. Waxahachie Faith Family

Saturday – UIL Academic Competition at Palmer

I hope everyone has a great week!

Dual Credit and Certification Classes

During the March regular board meeting, the Eustace ISD Board of Trustees voted to set aside money in the 2014-2015 budget to pay for the cost of dual credit classes and certification classes taken by Eustace juniors and seniors through TVCC. The program would provide for the cost of tuition for students to enroll in these courses. The program would also provide for the cost of textbooks; however, these textbooks would remain the property of the district. If a student wants his/her own textbook for these courses, then they would buy their own.

Eustace ISD has been working with TVCC over the last few months to develop a plan to fully utilize the courses that are available at TVCC. This tuition program will allow students to take courses ranging from college English or math to welding or criminal justice. There will be multiple areas of study available to our juniors and seniors.

This program will not cover the cost of any classes taken during the summer months. Also, students must maintain a passing grade in all classes taken at TVCC in order to remain in the program.

The goal of this program is to provide students an opportunity to pursue college level academic courses and/or college level certification courses. This program will allow all students an opportunity to be successful in some type of college program before they graduate from Eustace ISD.

I would like to thank the Eustace ISD Board of Trustees for approving and providing funding for this program in 2014-2015. I would also like to thank our High School counselors, Phyllis Bice and Gwen Orr, and our High School principal, Stan Sowers, for all the work put into researching and developing the guidelines for this program. Finally, I would like to thank the staff at TVCC for providing help and opportunities for the students of EISD. This is truly an exciting time to be a Bulldog!!

Cheerleaders for 2014-2015

Cheerleading tryouts for Middle School and High School were recently held. For 2014 -2015 the Eustace Middle School Cheerleaders are:

Michelle Wingo
Madison Fisher
Yasmine Washington
Abbie Cates
Sadie Cates
Sierra Castillo
Destani Thomasson
Stephanie Carlson
Madison Lilley
Emily Bishop
Cheyenne Walters
Bailey Holbert
Colton Gorden
Krisslynn Westbrook
Mascot  – McKenzie Rogers

The High School Junior Varsity Cheerleaders for 2014-2015 are:

Jaci Gray – Captain
Faith Burleson
Brooke Caldwell
Destine Culpepper
Jessica Plunk
Alexis Ramsey

The High School Varsity Cheerleaders for 2014-2015 are:

Ashley Purselley – Captain
Zoie Bailey
Miranda Burks
Caylie Cardwell
Matthew Clark
Samantha Ferrell
Anna Gaddis
Erica Hoops
Molly McAtee
Haley Purselley
Payton Schwartz
Layne Scott
Alyssa Shaddox

Congratulations to all of these students on earning a spot on these cheerleading squads!!


An App of Fun…

via Engaging the Digital Natives by Jerri Davis

While attending TCEA 2014, I learned about a fun, new (new to me) app called ChatterPix. I had so much fun playing with this app I could hardly wait to share it with my teachers!
ChatterPix can make anything talk…yes, that’s correct anything.  ChatterPix is also incredibly easy.  You simply choose a photo from your camera roll or take a photo, draw a line for the mouth, record your voice and suddenly you have a talking picture.  ChatterPix also allows you to decorate your project with stickers, frames and filters to give your talking picture even more personality!
ChatterPix also allows you share your creation through email, FaceBook, YouTube, or you can save it to your camera roll.  I can see many opportunities to use ChatterPix in the classroom.  This app could be used to to show understanding of characters, give summaries of assigned readings, it could also be used to define math terms and shapes. ChatterPix could also be used to teach the alphabet and words that begin with the appropriate letters. Depending on your imagination, the possibilities with ChatterPix are endless.
Here is a sample one of my students created…