Masonic Luncheon

 Yesterday, Eustace High School hosted the annual Masonic Luncheon in the High School library. During the luncheon the local Masonic Lodge honored two Eustace High School seniors: Chelsea Oliver and Ridge Smith. Both students were presented with a certificate and a Mirabeau B. Lamar Medal. In addition, both students received a $500 scholarship from the Masons.

Beth Williamson, a special needs teacher at the High School, was the faculty member honored this year by the Masons.

The Masons in attendance yesterday were Keith Haynes and Greg Swain. On behalf of Eustace ISD, I would like to thank Mr. Haynes, Mr. Swain, and all of the area Masons for making these awards and scholarships available to our students. Below are some pictures of the ceremony.






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