YAKiT Kids = Fun, Fun, Fun…

via Engaging the Digital Natives by Jerri Davis

Oh my goodness…there are no words for the fun YAKiT Kids creates!  YAKiT Kids is an app that allows users to bring their photos to life.  Photos can be taken from the device’s camera roll or camera or choosing photos from a web search.  After choosing your photo you then add a mouth, which you can create or use a pre-exiting mouth from the options. After choosing a mouth you can also add extras such as a face which includes, eyes, eyebrows, and noses.
You can even include other elements  provided by YAKiT Kids, such as talking characters, special effects such as confetti, smoke, rain clouds, and even props that include the sun, glasses, money, and various other items. 
Not only is YAKiT Kids loads of fun, incredibly easy to manipulate, but it’s FREE! Yep, you read correctly, it’s free. 
The YAKiT Kids app can used to to enhance and reinforce learning.  YAKiT Kids can be used to demonstrate understanding of various skills such as  presenting facts about a historical figure, having a character tell the summary of a book or story, or it could even be used to prove understanding of science topics such as weathering and erosion, phases of matter, or even science vocabulary.  I see the uses for YAKiT Kids as being endless.  And the best part…kids are having so much fun they forget they are learning!  

Here is a sample of a quick YAKiT Kids that I created from a picture of my nephew’s steer which he showed at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodoe…

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