UIL Academic Results

We now know that the results of the UIL Academic District Meet are official. Eustace High School won the overall championship in the district competition! Congratulations to all participants and their UIL coaches. The High School’s win means that EISD had a clean sweep in all UIL academic contests. Both the Intermediate and Middle School won their respective contests.

Below are the results of the High School meet:

Accounting:   Lancaster
Kelsey Ortiz                           1st place           Advances
Casey Rickert                        4th pace

Current Issues and Events:   Kennedy
Dane McAfee                         4th place          Advances        Team Advances with Wally Baker & Elijah Rogers
Kevin Richmond                    5th place          Advances

Computer Applications:   Lancaster
Carly Copeland                       2nd place          Advances
(error in reporting; listed  3rd, waiting on correction)

Editorial Writing:   Rolison
Ashleigh Blaylock                  1st place           Advances

Informative Speaking:   Rhea
Justin Griffin                          1st place           Advances
Chyannia Bailey                     2nd place          Advances
Hailey Wammack                   4th place

Lincoln Douglas Debate:   Rhea
Angel Baker                            1st place           Advances
Temple Hendrickson              2nd place          Advances
Brennen Washington              6th place

Literary Criticism:   GoDair
Grace Holcombe                     2nd place          Advances
Dane McAfee                         4th place

Mathematics:   Traughber
Ridge Smith                            2nd place          Advances       

Number Sense:   Holloway
Ridge Smith                            2ndplace          Advances                          

Team Advances with Tyler Barrett &  Jonathon House                                               

Persuasive Speaking:   Rhea
Angel Baker                            1st place           Advances
Caleb Caswell                         2nd place          Advances

Poetry Interpretation:   K. Smith
Keiarra Hargest                      1st place           Advances
Abra Roberts                          2nd place          Advances
Veronica Wheat                      5th place

Prose Interpretation:   Adams
Jessica Miller                         2nd place          Advances
Shelby White                          3rd place          Advances
Whitney Boerner                    4th place

Ready Writing:   Jones
Grace Holcombe                     3rd place          Advances
Ashleigh Blaylock                  4th place

Science:   C. Smith
Brandon Hall                          4th place
Davis Wammack                    5th place (tie)
Jonathon House                      5th place (tie)

Social Studies:   Mohon
Wally Baker                           2ndplace          Advances                          Team Advances with Kristina Woodruff
Dane McAfee                         5th place          Advances
Kevin Richmond                    6th place          Advances

Spelling and Vocabulary:   Bynum
Wally Baker                           3rd place          Advances

1st Place Team Awards:
Current Issues & Events
Number Sense
Social Studies

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