Henderson County Livestock Show Results

This past week, students from throughout the county competed at the Henderson County Livestock Show. Students from Eustace had a great week bringing home many honors. Congratulations to all the students and to our ag teachers and FFA sponsors, Theresa Tindel and Greg Pruitt. Below are the entire Eustace results from the stock show:

Grand Champion Steer- Jordyn Costlow 8,500.00

Reserve Grand Champion Steer- Chad Tindel  5,500.00

Senior Showmanship Champion- Chad Tindel

Reserve Senior Showmanship- Jordyn Costlow

Brooke Reynolds 3rd place steer- 3,400.00

Lane Smith 7th place steer- 3,150.00

Kade Graham 9th place steer- 3,400.00

Grand Champion Brahman Heifer Chad Tindel

Reserve Grand Champion AOB Heifer- Samantha Crocker

Jordyn Costlow- two 1st place heifers

Lane Smith – 2nd place heifer

Breanna Fuller- 2nd place heifer

Eustace FFA Chapter Herdsman Award Winners 100.00

 Ryan Caldwell- 7th place market hog 1,500.00

 Grand Champion Market Goat Chad Tindel, Class Champion,  Senior Showmanship Champion 3,100.00

Gabe Purselley- Class Champion 1,000.00

Whitney Boerner- Class champion, 4th senior showmanship 1,000.00

Kade Graham- 2nd place, 3rd senior showmanship

Santos Umana- 2nd place- 1,000.00

Skye Burns- 3rd place- 1,000.00

Casie Spivey 3rd place- 500.00

Ethan Hoops 7th place , 5th senior showmanship

Allison McCalister- 8th place

Amanda Rhodes 4th place breeding goat show

 Kade Graham 3rd place market lamb 800.00

Chloe Moore- 6th place

Allison McCalister 8th place

Lane Smith- 7th place

 Grand Champion Game Bird Santos Umana

Champion Large Fowl- Chad Tindel

Helen Bobbitt- 2nd & 4th place

Gabe Purselley- 3rd place

Libby Calvin- 4th place

Lane Smith and Keylan Warren participation

 Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Rabbit / Champion Rex Breed  Casie Spivey

Tyler Cotton 7th place

Caleb Clark 1st place

Libby Calvin 5th place

Calie Spivey 5th place

 Project Show

Best of Show Lane Smith

Best of Show Sunni Goodell

Blue Ribbon Winners: Jessica Miller, Thomas Hyde, Ashley Goodson

 Kade Graham recipient of the Jerrod Rachel Scholarship in the amt of 1,000.00

Elsie Rossen Award winner for  HCLS Champion Showman- Chad Tindel

 Jr. FFA Members:

Maggie Groom- 10thplace market goat

Emma Bell 3rd place Commercial heifers- 3,000.00

Jacob Lobelle- 4th place fryers- 475.00

 The students earned a total of 38,150.00 for their efforts throughout the year. It was a great show for the kids, parents , and the community.


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