Employee Banquet

Last night, the Eustace ISD Board of Trustees hosted the annual Employee Banquet at the First Baptist Church in Eustace. Employees and their guests were treated to a catered meal by Danny’s Barbeque. Several employees were honored for their years of service to EISD. At the conclusion of the banquet, door prizes, generously donated by local merchants, were awarded to a number of employees.

The following employees of EISD received service pins at last night’s banquet:

5 Years
Kathyrn Hendrickson
DeDe Lancaster
Hayley Lane
Karey Smith
Lindsay Spivey

10 Years
Darlene Bolton
Rebecca Cantrell
Kortni Harris
Sabrina Kavanaugh
Debra Meyners
Jerri Davis
Charline Harris
Chris Powers

15 Years
Kay Powers
Tish Bennett
Taressa Charlton
Tonnie Hemphill
Susanne Pharmakis

20 Years
Gwen Orr

25 Years
Holly Bailey
Donna Chiles
Sherri Purselley

30 Years
Sandy Sowers
Judy Vestal

Janice Beasley received a service pin and a plaque for 35 years of service to EISD.

Chuck Powers was honored with a service pin and plaque for 45 years of service to EISD.

Haskell Cook was honored with a retirement plaque commemorating his 22 years of service to the staff, students, and community.

Special recognition was given to Mary Bell and Faye Barnett for all of their hard work in planning, decorating, and securing a record setting number of door prizes for the banquet.

Finally, I would like to thank all of the sponsors that donated services and goods for the door prizes. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!!

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