Photo Fun…

via Engaging the Digital Natives by Jerri Davis

Phrase.It is a fun, fun, site that allows users to add speech bubbles to photos, as well as creating  comic strips using photos. With Phrase.It,   there is no log-in or account creation required and best of all it is FREE!

Phrase.It allows you upload a picture from your personal device, import pictures from FaceBook, or you can pick from the many stock photos that Phrase.It offers.  The stock photos provided by Phrase.It offers photos of animals, political figures,and random people pics.

Once you have chosen a picture to work with, then you have the option of speech bubbles or thought bubbles.  You can re-size the speech bubble to fit your image and you can add any text that you desire. Phrase.It also provides several different filters that you can add to give your image character.

Comic strips can also be created with Phrase.It.  Once you up load your photos or choose photos from the stock photos then you can begin creating your own personal comic strip.  The comic strip creator also offers the same enhancements as the photo creation.
Understandably mine are not the best examples, but the uses for the classroom could be extensive and I must say, I sure did have fun.  This would be a great way to summarize a story, present a historical character, provide definitions for math terms or explain processes in science.  Phrase.It allows you to down load photos or even share them in several different social media sites.
Phrase.It is definitely a site worth checking out. You may even discover a new resource for you tech box! Enjoy!

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