2014-2015 Student Applications for Project Discovery with Dallas Theater Center


Project Discovery is a partnership with Dallas Theater Center and Eustace High School for a full season of plays, workshops, study guides, play scripts and Professional development for teachers at no cost to the district.

There has been a change in participation requirements for students wishing to participate in the  Project Discovery Program partnered with Dallas Theater Center and Eustace High School for the upcoming year.

Students are now being asked to apply and commit to being a full Season ticket holder (6 performances), or being a Shared Season ticket holder (3 performances) rather than signing up to participate each time. If your child is selected as a Season or Shared ticket holder they will be expected to attend the number of performances agreed upon. Due to the change E.H.S. has developed new criteria for the selection process and is now asking that you and your child sign a contract/consent form regarding requirements and expectations in addition to completing an application.

Participation is made possible through grants available to any state-accredited TEACHER or COUNSELOR in North Texas, pending completed application and support materials. Priority consideration is given to teachers serving students in Dallas County High Schools and surrounding areas that are eligible for Title I federal funds.

Each summer Ms. Tammy Beaty, our Theater Arts teacher applies for the grant for the following year. Eustace is one of four recipient schools outside of Dallas County that is honored to participate.

If you’d like for your child to participate in this program, please complete an application and return it to Ms. Beaty by June 15th. Applications are available at the High School reception desk or you may request one by emailing tbeaty@eustaceisd.net.

Additional Information regarding the program and next year’s Season Shows can be found by visiting:

Project Discovery


2014-2015 Season


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