School Finance Case Ruling

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The varsity volleyball team travels to Tyler today to compete in the Tyler Tournament. The Lady Bulldogs will be playing at 1:45, 4:15, and 6:45. Game times for Saturday are not known at this time.

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A reminder that Monday, September 1, is a holiday for students and staff in recognition of Labor Day.

After many months, the judge in the Texas school finance case has issued his final ruling. Judge Dietz found the current system of funding schools unconstitutional in the areas of suitability, adequacy, and equity. Below is a summary of his findings from the Texas Association of School Administrators:

In a 21-page Final Judgment, State District Judge John Dietz declared the Texas school finance system “constitutionally inadequate, unsuitable, and financially inefficient” and ordered that further funding stop “under the system until the constitutional infirmities are corrected.”

This decision comes 18 months after his original February 2013 ruling in favor of school districts. Dietz reopened the case to reconsider evidence after lawmakers provided partial restoration of state funding to school districts and made significant changes to the state’s testing and graduation requirements in the 83rd Legislative Session.

The specific findings of the court are as follows:

  • “[T]he Court finds that the Texas school finance system effectively imposes a state property tax in violation of Article VIII, Section 1-e of the Texas Constitution because school districts do not have meaningful discretion over the levy, assessment, and disbursement of local property taxes.”
  • “The Court further finds that the Legislature has failed to meet its constitutional duty to suitably provide for Texas public schools because the school finance system is structured, operated, and funded so that it cannot provide a constitutionally adequate education for all Texas schoolchildren.”
  • “Further, the school finance system is constitutionally inadequate because it cannot accomplish, and has not accomplished, a general diffusion of knowledge for all students due to insufficient funding.”
  • “Finally, the school finance system is financially inefficient because all Texas students do not have substantially equal access to the educational funds necessary to accomplish a general diffusion of knowledge.”

An appeal of the decision is expected.


I hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend!

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