Board Meeting Last Night and Early Outs

Last night the Eustace ISD School Board held a public hearing to discuss the 2013-2014 Texas Academic Performance Report. During the hearing, the Board reviewed the district and campus STAAR results, graduation rates, demographic data, financial data, violent and criminal incidents, and enrollment of EHS graduates in postsecondary institutions.

Following the public hearing, the Board met in regular session to conduct the monthly business of the school. During the regular meeting, the Board took the following actions:

  • Approved the minutes or previous meetings.
  • Approved the audit report as presented.
  • Approved the financial reports for November as presented.
  • Approved technology upgrades as presented.
  • Approved Update 101 as presented.
  • Accepted the resignation of Daria Melton.
  • Approve substitute list as presented.
  • Approved student transfers as presented.
  • Adjourned

Today and tomorrow are early release days for the district. Buses will run 2 hours early both days. School will be dismissed at the High School at 1:30 both days. Friday is a comp day for students and staff.

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