Technology: Gone to the Dogs

via Technology Tidbits by Twyla Felty

This is my “grand-dog”, Jaxon. He is SO smart! Why, he can get right on that iPad and just go! He knows exactly what to do, and he’s not even afraid of using it!

Sound somewhat familiar?
When are adults going to get over the thrill of seeing young children (dogs or frogs) pegging away on digital devices? Reacting to or even interacting with a device does not a genius make. I would actually equate a child’s interaction with a device as being similar to babies playing with their own reflection in a mirror. It’s new to them and it’s adorable! But it certainly isn’t atypical.

What makes technology unique is that there is the opportunity for a progression of mental processes as children develop. The challenges and apps should grow as the child grows. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many children and adults are only using technology at a level in which they are “reactive” in the most basic level—like a dog chasing a digital puppy across a glowing screen.

Up the ante! Choose to challenge. Challenge your children, your students, and yourself!
Use apps that cause you to think hard, work hard, solve problems, and create, create, create!
Grow dendrites!

I still believe that my grand-dog is smart, but not because he can play “Game for Dogs” on the iPad.
In fact his use of the iPad tells me less about him and more about the fact that Zagg make a totally awesome military grade screen protector!

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