Google Classroom Touts Four Improvements!

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 Google Classroom has a reward for all those hard working Texas teachers during this week of STAAR testing! When we get back to the business of teaching and learning, there are four great, new improvements in our Google Classrooms!

1. We can now add other teachers to our Google Classrooms! Just go to your “About” tab in your Google Classrooms and invite your co-teachers.

Once invited, these teachers can:

  • Create assignments or announcements
  • View and grade student work that is submitted
  • Post comments
  • Invite students
  • Get email notifications 
  • (They can’t delete your class)

I think this is a wonderful addition for our teachers needing to work with others to fully support our inclusion students successfully in the classroom.

2. Assignments and announcements can now be saved as drafts

This means that we can now “pre-load” assignments or announcements and then easily assign on the date needed. Because we can now add other teachers, all teachers involved can collaboratively work on the draft of the assignment or announcement right there in the Google Classroom!

3. Grades are now automatically saved

Grade your student submissions as they are turned in, but wait to return the graded assignments all at the same time! No more waiting on those last minute students to get your grading done.

4. Notifications improved

Teachers and students will receive email notifications when private comments are posted on assignments.

Google is promising even more changes before the end of the school year, so, for anyone out there who hasn’t yet opened their first Google Classroom., get in there and get on-board.
Google will keep growing and changing this great tool, so it will never get any easier…..just better!

For more specific details, visit Google for Education.

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