Area Track Meet Results

Yesterday, the Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs competed in the Area Track meet at West Rusk. The Area Meet combines two districts together to determine the athletes that will advance to the Regional Meet. In order to qualify for the Area Meet, participants had to finish in the top four at their District Meets. For our Area Meet, our district, 18-3A, was combined with District 17-3A. The results for EHS are listed below. In order to qualify for the Regional Meet, participants have to finish in the top four at Area.

Girls Results

Shot Put – Hana Abuhatab – 5th

Discus – Grace Holcombe – 2nd; Gabi Corder – 4th

Pole Vault – Whitney Boerner – 2nd; Lexi Ramsey – 7th

3200m Run – Chanda Westbrook – 1st; Cara Henson – 2nd; Skye Burns – 3rd

800m Run – Cara Henson – 3rd; Chloe Moore – 7th; Jacelyn Warner – 8th

800m Relay – Eustace – 8th

300m Hurdles – Marshella Padgett – 1st; Whitney Boerner – 5th

1600m Run – Chanda Westbrook – 1st; Skye Burns – 2nd; Chloe Moore – 4th

1600m Relay – Eustace 3rd

Overall finish for Girls – 2nd

Boys Results

Shot – Zach Hughes – 8th

Discus – Zach Hughes – 8th

Pole Vault – Cody Duncan – 5th

3200m Run – Mark Zimmerer – 1st; Ericson Goodjohnson – 2nd; Brandon Richardson – 6th

800m Run – Cade Yates – 2nd; Preston Schwartz – 4th; Zane Arambula – 5th

110m Hurdles – Colton Summerall – 8th

400m Run – Micah Stone – 1st; David Summerall – 6th

1600m Run – Mark Zimmerer – 1st; Ericson Goodjohnson – 5th; Zane Arambula – 8th

1600m Relay – Eustace – 1st

Overall finish for Boys – 3rd

Congratulations to all of the athletes for their hard work and dedication this track season. Also, congratulations to all the coaches for their work in preparing these athletes to do their best. Finally, I want to say a big thank you to all the parents, grandparents, other relatives, and friends that showed up to support our students. Even though the track meet was in West Rusk, I believe we had the most fan support of any school there!

The Regional Meet will be next Friday and Saturday at the Baylor Track Complex. A full schedule will be provided next week.

A reminder that our baseball and softball teams travel to Troup tonight.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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