Called Board Meeting Last Night

Last night the Eustace ISD Board of Trustees held a called board meeting. The meeting started at 6:00 PM and was held in the High School library. The Board interviewed four seniors for the EISD School Board Scholarship. The Board selected Noa Taylor to be the 2015 recipient of the Board Scholarship. The Board took the following actions:

  • Accepted resignations of High School teachers Mandy Rolison and Anna Rhea.
  • Approved the employment of Josh Truitt as High School teacher and coach, Vickie Goodell as High School teacher, and Laura Cheek as High School teacher.
  • The Board met with David Gurley of DG Construction about the proposed new Ag Science building. After discussing the overall project, the Board approved proceeding to the next phase of the construction process.
  • The Board met with the District’s current security officer, Richard Gaddis, and discussed the process of implementing a district police department. The Board reviewed the proposed policy and procedure manual for a new police department developed by Mr. Gaddis.
  • The Board adjourned the meeting at 8:25 PM.


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