What's Hot and What's Not…

We had a really good first week of school.  The students arrived with smiles!  We spent the week discussing the rules and expectations of Eustace Intermediate during our morning family time.

At the beginning of the week, we reminded the student to KNOW how they were getting home! We spent time talking about the importance of attendance and being at school.  We reminded students of our Bus conduct expectations and the consequences of misbehaving on the bus. I spent time reminding students of the importance of listening, following directions, and earning their rewards.  The students know that in order to participate in the fun stuff they must earn the right.

We ended the week with our annual What’s Hot and What’s Not Style show.  This is fun way to teach dress code to all our students.  We have 5th grade students come dressed  out of code so that students can actually see what is not in dress code and what is.  The kids all enjoy the show…

style 1 style 2


Then we ended our time together on Friday with Fun Friday.  This is the day the students look forward to all week long!  Students were able to dance and sing and have a good time.

dance 4

Not only were students have a good time dancing but so were our teachers!

dance 1

dance 3

We look forward to this new school year and are excited to see what the coming weeks bring!

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