Too Noisy for Comfort?

via Engaging the Digital Natives by Jerri Davis

Do you hesitate to allow group work in your classroom because the noise level is too hard to control? Bouncy Balls is a fun site to help monitor the noise level in your classroom.  This site is a visual aid for students to see how the noise level affects the balls.

Bouncy Balls uses the computer’s microphone and as the noise level rises the balls bounce faster and higher, but as the noise level lessens then the balls move less.  Bouncy Balls allows you to adjust the number of balls that are seen for what best suits your classroom needs.  You can fill the screen with balls or have as few as 25 balls.  Bouncy Balls also allows you to change from balls to bubbles, emojis, and eyeballs.

Bouncy Balls is fun way to make students aware of the noise they are producing and hopefully to self correct.  I will warn you students will want to make noise in the beginning just to see the balls bounce! I think Bouncy Balls is definitely worth checking out.

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