Cross Country Results

Coach Josh Sypert has sent complete cross country results for High School and Middle School. The complete race results are attached at the end of this post.

The Eustace cross country teams competed in Canton Texas this weekend, September 19, 2015.

 The varsity boys placed first against 9 teams and 63 individuals in the 4A and under division. The Bulldogs were led by Ericsen Gudjohnsen who was meet champion and ran a 17:07, next was Zane Arambula who placed 3rd, Andrew Page place 5th, Brandon Richardson placed 7th, Gabe Purselley placed 12th, and Mike Wong placed 16th.

 The junior varsity boys placed first against 14 teams and 35 individuals. They were led by meet champion Nicholas Westbrook who ran a 19:07 5K time. Next was Ben Warren who placed 2nd, Cameron Carpenter who placed 3rd, Cade Yates who placed 4th, Micah Zimmerer who placed 6th, and Matthew Melton who placed 9th.

 The varsity girls placed second behind Fairfield and eight total teams and 68 individuals. They were led by Chanda Westbrook who placed second overall and ran a 12:37, next was Cara Hanson who placed 13th, Chloe Moore who placed 16th, Shelby White who placed 18th, Molly McAtee who placed 21st, and Skye Burns who placed 24th.

 The junior varsity girls placed first against six teams and 60 individuals. They were led by a pack of Bulldogs starting with overall champion Reese Thorne Who ran a 14:05, next was Lilly Sorrells who placed 2nd, Brooke McAtee who placed 3rd, Arian Mcdonald who placed 4th, Jacey Warner who placed 6th, Alyssa Shaddox who placed 7th, Gracie Woodland who placed 10th, Brooke Caldwell who placed 13th, Yasmine Washington who placed 14th, Breanna Ragan who placed 17th, and McKenzie Nolan who placed 24th.

 The Middle School girls placed second out of eight teams and 89 individuals. They were led by Macy Pennix who placed fourth, next was Avery Kyer who placed eighth, Sabrina Davis who placed 10th, Krisslyn Westbrook who placed 16th, Elexis Porte who plays 23rd, Jeanne Pickett who placed 24th, Jordan Romano who placed 26th, Georgia boots who plays 27th,Ashton Milner who placed 28, Bailey Holburt who placed 29th, Mattie Goodson who placed 48th, Ruby Bailey who placed 51st, Melissa Malan who placed 52nd, Katie Griffin who placed 62nd, and Haven Mahaffey who placed 82nd.

 The Middle School boys placed second out of 11 teams and 101 individuals. They were led by Dalton Page who placed second overall and ran a 12 minute 2-mile, next was John Saine who placed 13th, Nate Holland place 23rd, Trent Kirkpatrick placed 43rd, Michael Ballew placed 47, David Gilbreth placed 56, Cade Adair placed 70th, Jaden Lopez placed 71st, Danny Stout placed 74th, Kobe Hunt placed 84th, and Dylan Evans placed 85th.

 Canton CC Results


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