And the Winner is…

It is homecoming week at Eustace ISD and we have had a good time preparing for the Homecoming Festivities!  We have been busy completing classwork, making good choices, following directions, and doing our best to come to school everyday.

This week, during morning family time, we discussed the proper way to wash hands and the importance of always making sure our hands are clean.  We also talked about when the best time is to wash hands.

Also during morning family time,  we spent time learning the chant we would yell during the homecoming pep rally. The kids practiced and had the chant down perfectly (see video below). We spent time learning the school song as well.  It was a pleasure listening to all our students sing together.

For those who earned it, we had the special privilege of going to the homecoming pep rally. The students enjoyed seeing the cheerleaders, from our own Eustace High School  as well as from TVCC, perform their cheers and stunts.  They also enjoyed the speeches from the coaches and from the athletes.  But most of all they enjoyed the “Homecoming Queen” contest!  It was a site to behold!  When the time came to do our cheer the kids yelled out and all of our hard work paid off!  We won the chant contest!

It has been a great week at Eustace Intermediate School and we look forward to the fun-filled weeks ahead.

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