Regional Cross Country and This Week

Yesterday, the boys and girls cross country teams competed at the Regional Meet in Huntsville. To say the conditions were less than ideal would be an understatement. The course was so bad that runners were literally losing their shoes in the mud. Nevertheless, both Eustace teams ran well and both are advancing to the state cross country meet!

The girls ran the first race of the day and finished in 2nd place at the regional meet. They were led by Chanda Westbrook who finished 7th overall with a time of 13:55. Skye Burns placed 15th with a time of 14:19; Molly McAtee placed 25th at 14:36; Chloe Moore was 28th at 14:38; Cara Henson was 30th at 14:41; Reece Thorn placed 40th at 14:03; and, Shelby White was 75th at 15:55. Overall, the girls had a team score of 93. This is the second year in a row that the girls have placed 2nd at the regional meet. Last year, they went on to win the state championship.

The boys ran after the girls and finished as regional champs! They were led by Ericsen Gudjohnsen who placed 3rd overall with a time of 18:14. The boys then had a group of three runners finish back to back: Zane Arambulla – 11th 18:57; Andrew Page – 12th 19:10; and, Gabe Purselley – 13th 19:15. Brandon Richardson placed 17th at 19:32. Nicholas Westbrook placed 32nd at 20:13, and Ben Warren placed 49th at 20:51. Overall, the boys team had a score of 50 which was 33 points ahead of 2nd place.

Both teams will run at the state meet on November 7th in Round Rock. The girls will run at 8:30 AM and the boys will follow at 9:00 AM. Congratulations to all the runners for their performance at the regional meet. Also, congratulations to our High School cross country coaches Josh Sypert and Kenneth Henderson. A special thank you to all the parents and other supporters for making the trip to Huntsville!

Videos of parts of the races and the awards ceremonies will be posted to the district’s YouTube channel later today.

Today, the High School volleyball teams will host Rice in the last district game of the season. The JV game will start at 5:00. The varsity game will follow. The varsity team has already secured second place in the district and will face Gladewater Sabine next Tuesday at 6:00 PM at Tyler Junior College for the bi-district championship.

This Week

This week is Red Ribbon Week. There will be activities at the campuses all week long.

Tuesday – TSI Testing – High School; HS District Volleyball v. Rice – 5:00

Wednesday – MS Fall Sports Pictures

Thursday – MS and JV football v. Teague – 5:00

Friday – Varsity District Football at Teague – 7:30

I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding in dealing with the delays and cancellations from last week’s rain. It is greatly appreciated.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Football Game Changes

Due to the weather that is predicted to set in Thursday evening, there have been some changes made to the football schedule for this week.

Varsity football has been moved to Thursday night. We will play Palestine Westwood here starting at 6:00.

Our JV football team was scheduled to play Arp here on Thursday. We are trying to get this game moved to Arp and keep it on Thursday.

Our Middle School games have been moved to Friday. Right now, we are scheduled to play Westwood Middle School at Westwood starting at 5:00 on Friday.

The Friday volleyball game remains unchanged. We will travel to Arp on Friday with a start time of 4:30 for the varsity.

Complete Cross Country Results

The following information and pictures were furnished by head cross country coach, Josh Sypert.

The Eustace Cross Country Teams competed at the District Meet on Monday, October 19, 2015 at Four Pines Ranch in Eustace.

All 6 teams, Middle School Girls and Boys, JV Girls and Boys, and Varsity Girls and Boys were able to take the District Championship titles. Out of the 4 high school races; 3 teams were able to get a perfect score.

The Varsity Boys were District Champs finishing all 7 runners in the top 7 spots. They were lead by District Champ Ericsen Gudjohnsen, then it was Gabe Purselley who placed 2nd, Andrew Page placed 3rd, Zane Arambula placed 4th, Ben Warren placed 5th, Brandon Richardson placed 6th, and Nicolas Westbrook placed 7th.

The JV Boys entered 6 runners and placed in the top 6 spots. They were lead by District Champ Cade Yates, then it was Mike Wong who got 2nd, Bucky Womble placed 3rd, Micah Zimmerer placed 4th, Cameron Carpenter placed 5th, and Matthew Melton placed 6th.

The Middle School Boys were District Champs and lead by individual District Champ Dalton Page, next was John Saine who was 3rd overall, Nate Holland was 4th, Christian Rohbacher, was 5th, Jaden Lopez was 6th, Trent Kirkpatrick was 7th, David Gilbreath was 9th, Michael Ballow was 10th, Samuel Marquez was 12th, Dylan Evans was 15th, Cade Adair was 17th, Danny Stout was 19th, and Ryan Powers and Colby Hunt were 22nd and 23rd.

The Varsity Girls were District Champs and had 7 runners in the top 13 places, they were lead by individual District Champ Chanda Westbrook, next was Skye Burns who placed 3rd, Molly McAtee and Cara Henson placed 5th and 6th, Shelby White placed 9th, and Reece Thorne and Chloe Moore placed 12th and 13th.

The JV girls entered 10 runners and they all placed in the top 11 spots. First was District Champ Brooke McAtee, then it was Alyssa Shaddox who placed 2nd, Gracie Woodland placed 3rd, Destinie Culpepper placed 4th, Yasmine Washington placed 5th, Arian McDonald placed 6th, Lily Sorrells placed 7th, Jacey Warner placed 8th, Mackenzie Nolan placed 9th, and Breanna Ragan placed 11th.

The Middle School Girls were District Champions with a dominant performance. They were lead by a pack of bulldogs starting with individual District Champ Avery Kyer, Then it was Macy Penix who placed 2nd, Sabrina Davis placed 3rd, Jeanne Pickett placed 5th, Krislyn Westbrook placed 6th, Jordan Romano placed 7th, Ashton Milner placed 9th, Bailey Holbert placed 10th, Georgia Utz placed 12th, Elexis Porte placed 13th, Jessica Tadlock placed 18th, Mattie Goodson placed 19th, Melissa Millan placed 22nd, Kelsey Brooks placed 23rd, Havynn Mahaffey placed 25th, and Emily Usmiller placed 26th.

The Varsity Teams will compete this coming Monday, October 26, 2015 at Regionals in Huntsville, TX. The girls race at 8:30 AM and the boys race at 9:00 AM.


Boys JV - District Champs
Boys JV – District Champs
Chanda Westbrooke - Overall Girls Champ
Chanda Westbrooke – Overall Girls Champ
Ericson Gudjohnson - Overall Boys Champ
Ericson Gudjohnson – Overall Boys Champ
JV Girls - District Champs
JV Girls – District Champs
Varsity Boys - District Champs
Varsity Boys – District Champs
Varsity Girls - District Champs
Varsity Girls – District Champs



District Cross Country and Board Meeting Last Night

The teams from Eustace totally dominated the district cross country meet yesterday! To start the meet, the varsity girls team placed first in their division, scoring only 20 points overall! Chanda Westbrooke was the varsity girls district champion!

The varsity boys were led by Ericson Goodjohnson who was overall district champ. The varsity boys did something that I have never seen done at a district meet: the seven runners from Eustace placed 1-7!! Needless to say, the varsity boys had a perfect score!

The Eustace JV girls and JV boys also both turned in perfect scores in their divisions!

The Middle School girls placed 5 out of the top 6 to capture their district championship. The Middle School boys closed out the sweep by also winning the district championship.

In all, Eustace had 6 district championship teams and had 6 individual district champions! Congratulations to all the runners on their performances at the district meet. Also, congratulations to the cross country coaches: Josh Sypert, head coach; Kenneth Henderson, assistant coach; and, David Sutton, Middle School coach. A special thank you to all the parents, grandparents, friends, and students that came out to support our runners yesterday.

The regional cross country meet will be held in Huntsville on October 26. More details will soon follow.

Board Meeting Last Night

Last night, the EISD Board of Trustees held their regular monthly meeting. The Board took the following actions:

  • Approved the minutes of previous meetings.
  • Approved the financial reports as presented.
  • Heard a report on the Texas Language Proficiency Assessment System results from assistant superintendent, Janice Beasley.
  • Approved an agreement with the County to ask for assistance in constructing a road from the football field parking lot to the transportation facility.
  • Appointed James Beverly as Integrated Pest Management Coordinator and Asbestos Coordinator for the district.
  • Received an update on attendance and enrollment in the district.
  • Considered the first reading of Policy Update 103.
  • Approved employment of the following personnel: Mona Thomas, Middle School ISS Aide; William Wright, Custodian; Darrela Maltos, Cook.
  • Approved the Substitute List as presented.
  • Approved Student Transfers as presented.
  • Adjourned

District Cross Country Meet and This Week

Last Friday, the varsity and JV volleyball teams each posted wins over West Rusk. The varsity is now 10-1 in district play, while the JV improved to 11-0 in district. The volleyball teams travel to Frankston on Tuesday and then go to Arp for the district showdown on Friday.

The varsity football team lost a hard fought game against Kemp on Friday. The Bulldogs will host Palestine Westwood this Friday.

Today, Eustace will host the district cross country meet at 4 Pines Ranch. The first race will be the varsity girls at 1:30. The varsity boys will follow at 2:00. The rest of the races are as follows: JV girls – 2:30; JV boys – 3:00; Middle School girls – 3:30; Middle School boys – 4:00. There is no admission charge.

This Week

Monday – TAKS Retest – ELA; Middle School Volleyball v. West Rusk – 4:30; School Board Meeting – 7:00

Tuesday – TAKS Retest – Math; High School Volleyball at Frankston – 4:30

Wednesday – TAKS Retest – Science

Thursday – TAKS Retest – Social Studies; Middle School Football at Westwood – 5:00; JV Football v. Arp – 5:30

Friday – Pumpkin Patch – 5:00 – 8:00; High School Volleyball at Arp – 4:30; High School Football v. Westwood – 7:30

I hope everyone has a great week!

A Phone Call Worth Discussing…

I do not often post, or blog, or tweet, on a whim or on emotion, but I received a phone call today where a parent asked me to investigate a situation. It led me to a place that has my emotions pretty raw and on edge. I have worked with kids in some capacity for 30 years now. I don’t see or hear a lot that surprises me anymore, but this shocked, surprised, and truly sickened me. The issue I was investigating led me to a video game that is reportedly played by some of our students. I won’t mention the name of it here as to not bring any undue attention to it. I will gladly share the name with any parent who asks for it in person or on the phone. The violence depicted in this game has me deeply disturbed. I have investigated games such as Grand Theft Auto in the past to see what some of our kids are experiencing, but what I saw today went far beyond anything I have ever seen.

I say all of this to say parents please, PLEASE, monitor your children’s viewing, gaming, and social media activities!! I know many will whine, and cry, and argue, that you don’t respect their privacy … too bad, they will get over it!! They are your kids and in many ways all of our kids and all of us would do anything to protect our kids from harm. There are many people, companies, and agendas in this world that have ZERO regard for the best interests of your children. Monitoring your children’s activities can protect them from many of these.

I hope you understand the spirit of this post and if you would like to discuss any of it with me please do not hesitate to contact me.

Flubaroo is For You!

via Technology Tidbits by Twyla Felty

 Flubaroo is For You!

Last week our “Tech Trick and a Treat” training covered the use of Flubaroo. Flubaroo is a free add-on in Google sheets that allows you to quickly grade quizzes and tests created in Google forms. So, we create in forms and grade in sheets!

Now don’t tune me out because you think this is just for the big kids! Flubaroo is a perfect tools for teachers throughout all grade levels. Since Google Forms can contain pictures followed by questions, even little ones can easily take a quiz in forms.

Today I am posting the basic steps we covered. If you are familiar with forms, sheets and add-ons in Google, then this quick list is all the information you will need. If you need this step-by-step guide with lots of pictures, then I have a document for that too:  Tech Trick and a Treat: Flubaroo is For You!

Warning: if you are creating as your walk through these steps, Flubaroo will not grade a spreadsheet until it has two or more responses–the key (which is your response) plus another response. Find a friend to take your quiz!

Step 1: Create a Google Form with your test questions
If you have created forms before, the only critical thing to remember here is to check the top, two boxes in the settings if you are sending within your school domain. This will allow you to email responses to students using their username.
Also, checking “only allow one response…” will limit students to taking the quiz just one time

If using outside of your school domain, you absolutely must collect names and emails as the first questions in your Google Form!
Step 2: Customize the look of your Google Form
Make it cute by selecting “Change Theme” on the top of the form. Select one of the themes on the right, or click “customize” to see even more options. There are so many ways to personalize your forms. Just get in there and play!
Step 3: Take your own test! 
This is an important step since this will be the KEY to your quiz. To easily do this, just select “View Live Form” at the top of the form you just created. Once you finish taking your quiz, go back to the tab with the form you were editing.

Step 4: Share your form with students so they can take your test!

Go to “Share” in top right corner of the form you created, and copy the link. Use the URL shortener in the pop-up window, and just paste this link where students can access. In Google Classroom, a Google form can be added as a link or directly from your Google drive.

Step 5: View Responses in Google Sheets and add Flubaroo!
We now select “View Responses” from the top of the form. Every Google form magically creates a corresponding spreadsheet to collect information. You may need to select “create new spreadsheet” the first time you view responses. Now you should see all of your student responses. 
Here’s where the Flubaroo part comes in:
  1. In the spreadsheet with student responses, click “Add-Ons” 
  2. Select “Get add-ons”
  3. Search for Flubaroo–it usually is the first one there–and click the +Add
  4. You must agree to the access it requires–it will include email since it sends from your email

Step 6: Select your new Flubaroo Add-on and Grade!
  1. Click “Add-Ons” again
  2. Select Flubaroo (it may ask to enable Flubaroo on that spreadsheet)
  3. Select “Grade assignment” in the drop down menu
  4. There will be two pop-up windows to set-up the grading:
Step 1:Determine which information is a question or student information 
  • if it is username, name, period etc…choose “student information”
  • If it is a question, set to “grade” and weight the question (1,2,….10)
  • You can also “skip grading” for questions
  • or use the new feature: grade by hand (For info:  )
  • then “continue”

Step 2: Pick the Key–it should be your own name/user account –(the test you took first)
Hint: if you forgot to take your own quiz. exit the grading and take it! Then go back to grade again. Your name will be at the bottom of that list.
  1. Now Grade! (click “continue”)
  2. Once grading is complete, “X” out of the pop-up window to view the grades.
  3. The spreadsheet will have two “tabs”: the one with everyone’s answers, and the one with the grades.
Step 7: Email results to your students
  1. Go back to “add-ons” on your sheet with the grades
  2. choose Flubaroo
  3. Choose “Email Grades”
  4. From the pop-up window, select the cells which contain the email for your students–in our district, this is “username”
  5. Check the items you wish to include: scores, questions and answer, personal message      
  6. Hint: if your quiz is a review, including the correct answers creates a study sheet for students 
  7. Click “continue”and grades are emailed!
Now do you need more visuals to walk through this process? Try the “Flubaroo is For You” Tech Trick and a Treat training doc!

Visit the Flubaroo Help Center for additional information such as using numerical ranges and auto-grading!
Enjoy your tech trick!

Complete Cross Country Results

Below are the complete cross country results from the past week. Thanks to Coach Sypert for furnishing this information:

The Eustace Cross Country teams competed at the Golden Eagle Invite in Fairfield, TX on Saturday, October 10, 2015.

 The Varsity Boys competed against 13 teams and 107 individuals. They were lead by Ericsen Gudjohnsen who was the overall champion and ran a 16:08, Next was Zane Arambula who placed 6th, Andrew Page placed 8th, Brandon Richardson placed 10th, Gabe Purselley placed 11th, Nicolas Westbrook placed 23rd, and Ben Warren placed 30th.

 The Varsity Girls competed against 15 teams and 111 individuals. They were lead by Chanda Westbrook who placed 3rd overall and ran a 12:26, next was Skye Burns who placed 8th, then it was Chloe Moore, Cara Henson, and Molly McAtee who placed 18th, 19th, and 20th, Shelby White placed 24th, Reece Thorne placed 27th, Lilly Sorrels placed 28th, and Brooke McAtee placed 33rd.

 The JV Boys competed against 5 teams and 52 individuals. They were lead by a pack of bulldogs starting with Mike Wong who placed 1st overall, then Cade Yates placed 2nd overall, Bucky Womble placed 3rd overall, Cameron Rogers placed 4th overall, Micah Zimmerer placed 9th, and Matthew Melton placed 13th.

 The JV Girls competed against 3 teams and 38 individuals. There was a long line of Purple starting with Destinie Culpepper who placed 5th, Arian McDonald who placed 6th, Gracie Woodland who placed 7th, Alyssa Shaddox who placed 8th, Jacey Warner who placed 9th, Yasmine Washington who placed 10th, MacKenzie Nolan who placed 12th, and Breanna Ragan who placed 24th.

 This coming Monday the CC Teams compete at 4 Pines Ranch in Eustace for DISTRICT.