Complete Cross Country Results

Below are the complete cross country results from the past week. Thanks to Coach Sypert for furnishing this information:

The Eustace Cross Country teams competed at the Golden Eagle Invite in Fairfield, TX on Saturday, October 10, 2015.

 The Varsity Boys competed against 13 teams and 107 individuals. They were lead by Ericsen Gudjohnsen who was the overall champion and ran a 16:08, Next was Zane Arambula who placed 6th, Andrew Page placed 8th, Brandon Richardson placed 10th, Gabe Purselley placed 11th, Nicolas Westbrook placed 23rd, and Ben Warren placed 30th.

 The Varsity Girls competed against 15 teams and 111 individuals. They were lead by Chanda Westbrook who placed 3rd overall and ran a 12:26, next was Skye Burns who placed 8th, then it was Chloe Moore, Cara Henson, and Molly McAtee who placed 18th, 19th, and 20th, Shelby White placed 24th, Reece Thorne placed 27th, Lilly Sorrels placed 28th, and Brooke McAtee placed 33rd.

 The JV Boys competed against 5 teams and 52 individuals. They were lead by a pack of bulldogs starting with Mike Wong who placed 1st overall, then Cade Yates placed 2nd overall, Bucky Womble placed 3rd overall, Cameron Rogers placed 4th overall, Micah Zimmerer placed 9th, and Matthew Melton placed 13th.

 The JV Girls competed against 3 teams and 38 individuals. There was a long line of Purple starting with Destinie Culpepper who placed 5th, Arian McDonald who placed 6th, Gracie Woodland who placed 7th, Alyssa Shaddox who placed 8th, Jacey Warner who placed 9th, Yasmine Washington who placed 10th, MacKenzie Nolan who placed 12th, and Breanna Ragan who placed 24th.

 This coming Monday the CC Teams compete at 4 Pines Ranch in Eustace for DISTRICT.


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