A Phone Call Worth Discussing…

I do not often post, or blog, or tweet, on a whim or on emotion, but I received a phone call today where a parent asked me to investigate a situation. It led me to a place that has my emotions pretty raw and on edge. I have worked with kids in some capacity for 30 years now. I don’t see or hear a lot that surprises me anymore, but this shocked, surprised, and truly sickened me. The issue I was investigating led me to a video game that is reportedly played by some of our students. I won’t mention the name of it here as to not bring any undue attention to it. I will gladly share the name with any parent who asks for it in person or on the phone. The violence depicted in this game has me deeply disturbed. I have investigated games such as Grand Theft Auto in the past to see what some of our kids are experiencing, but what I saw today went far beyond anything I have ever seen.

I say all of this to say parents please, PLEASE, monitor your children’s viewing, gaming, and social media activities!! I know many will whine, and cry, and argue, that you don’t respect their privacy … too bad, they will get over it!! They are your kids and in many ways all of our kids and all of us would do anything to protect our kids from harm. There are many people, companies, and agendas in this world that have ZERO regard for the best interests of your children. Monitoring your children’s activities can protect them from many of these.

I hope you understand the spirit of this post and if you would like to discuss any of it with me please do not hesitate to contact me.

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