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via Technology Tidbits by Twyla Felty

One of the great additions to Google Classroom this school year has been the “Share to Google Classroom” button. It is popping up in technology tools that teachers already know, use, and love! Clicking this magic button automatically adds  resources right into your existing Google Classrooms with no muss and no fuss
One great resource site that is totally integrated into Google Classroom is OpenEd.
OpenEd added the “Share to Google Classroom” option this year but also allows teachers to import Google Classroom rosters. This makes access easier than ever before. If you are new to OpenEd, it has a huge online collection of lesson plans, videos, assignments and assessments for grades K-12. Though many of these resources can often be found in other places, like Khan Academy, it does provide that easy one-stop-shopping-spot and the Google Classroom integration that makes it SO sweet!
To get started:
  • Create  an OpenEd account using your school account—so you can get to your Google Classrooms!
  • Sign up using your Texas school so you see the TEKS !  Though it is fully aligned with Common Core standards, if you sign in as as Texas school, the Reading and Math TEKS will also be included in your list of standards to choose from. 
  • Start searching through their great resources.
There are two ways to work between Google Classroom and OpenEd:

Look for the “Share to Google Classroom” button in other tech tools that you are currently using!

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