Flubaroo Now Shares Grades Through Google Drive!

via Technology Tidbits by Twyla Felty

Just when you think Google Classroom and Flubaroo can’t get any better, the integration improves! Now teachers have the option of sharing their Flubaroo grades directly to student Google Drives. Through the magic of Google, a folder will automatically be created in your teacher Drive called, “Flubaroo-Shared Grades”. Each student will receive a Google doc that will have their grade, allow comments, and include the questions and answer key if selected. This Google doc will be located under “Shared with me” in their Google Drive.

This new feature opens up the ability for teachers to share grades with students even if student email is not activated within the district or for lower grade levels. The Google docs with questions and answers make great review sheets which can be easily moved and organized within the student Google drive.

For full instructions on this easy process, see “Share Grades via Drive” in the “Help Center” of Flubaroo.

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