I'm Excited to See Everyone Back…

I am so excited to see everyone back for the 2nd Semester.  Our first semester was busy with pep rallies, Pumpkin Patch, fundraisers, Fun in the Sun Day, and Fun Fridays.  The semester just flew by.

We ended our first semester with Perfect Attendance drawings and Money-Aire competitions.  The Winner of the 3rd 6-Weeks Perfect Attendance Bicycle was Cotey McLemee and the Winner of the Semester Perfect Attendance Bicycle was Lexie Brooks.  The winners of our first Money-Aire competition this year were: 3rd Grade: Edgar Izaguirre; 4th Grade: Brodie Norton; and 5th Grade: Avery Reeve.   We wrapped up the last day of the 1st semester with Jump for George.  We had several students who participated and went home with multiple $1 dollar bills.  All of these students earned the right to participate in these events because they each had perfect attendance.  I tell my students all the time that the easiest way to earn a prize at Eustace Intermediate is to BE HERE!

Today during Fun Friday we drew for our 3rd Six Weeks All As and 1st Semester All As winners and we had siblings win! Congratulations to Gracie and Alec Holland!

The second semester will be just a busy as the first.  We have plans for field trips, more drawings, more Fun Friday, and many more special treats; while also making time for classes, homework, and testing and it will all be over before you know it.





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