A VERY Important Ability!!

I believe everyone is blessed with unique abilities. Some have special abilities to understand Math and Science. Some have incredible abilities in Reading and Writing. The ability to get along with others and be a good friend is amazing. Still others display incredible abilities in athletics, raising animals, working with children. The list goes on and on.

All these abilities can be severely limited, however, without one of the most important abilities … dependability!! In school dependability is most clearly expressed in exemplary attendance, being on time, being at every practice and rehearsal, etc…. Students at Eustace Middle School and Eustace ISD in general have very good attendance, but this is without question the most difficult time of the year to maintain exemplary attendance. With cold weather and the post holiday “blahs” it is easy for students to get into the habit of “not wanting to come to school.” Every little ache, pain, or discomfort seems to get magnified for all of us.

Let’s ALL make every effort to maintain excellent attendance during this most challenging time of the year!!!

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