Texas Educational Theatre Association Scholarship Auditions

One of the top fears in the world is public speaking or performing in front of people. Anyone that has ever had the experience remembers the jelly legs, rapid heartbeat and the sudden panic that sets in making your forget every word you’d rehearsed over and over again. Even as a Theater Arts teacher I still get nervous stepping in front of an audience. Through experience and learned skills an actor can learn to manage these fears and eventually overcome them.

This past weekend  Eustace High School students attended the Texas Educational Theatre Association convention, workshops and auditions in Dallas. Students attend yearly and are selected to attend based on their dedication to the Theater Arts Program, Interest, Grades, Attendance, Citizenship, participation in Theater Arts and leadership.

Shannon Whatley and Ashleigh Blaylock auditioned on Saturday in front of approximately 100 Colleges and Universities. Shannon received seven callbacks for interviews for scholarship opportunities and Ashley received two. The colleges included were: University of Central Oklahoma, Lamar College, Clarendon College, Angelo State University, McClennan Community College, Southwestern University and Grayson College. Congratulations to both ladies for their hard work and success!

Ashley also performed at the Talent Showcase on Saturday night and did an excellent job representing E.H.S. with pride, beauty and class! Great job Ashley!

Congratulations to both of these ladies! Bulldog Proud.


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