Graphite by Common Sense Media

via Engaging the Digital Natives by Jerri Davis

Common Sense Media works hard to educated students in the area of technology and media. Common Sense Media offers educators and parents many tools to help teach our kids learn the importance of being a responsible digital citizen.

Now Common Sense Media has created a site for teachers called Graphite. This is a great site providing lesson plans for teachers containing K-12 grade levels and all subject areas.  The Graphite site offers lesson plans that are teacher created and technology rich.

The lessons that are found on Graphite are searchable by grade level and subject area.  The lessons come with unique titles and the technology that is used in each lesson is listed in the overview. The Graphite lessons also provide the objective for the lesson, a hook to engage students, direct instruction, guided practice, independent practice, and a wrap-up.

If the lessons on the Graphite site are not quite what you are looking for then they are a great building block to create a lesson that will work specifically for your class.

Graphite is a site that is definitely worth checking out and and adding it to your resource treasure chest.

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