And We Have a Winner!

Fun Friday is fun for a reason…you never know what is going to happen!  This morning students were chosen to participate in the 4th Six Weeks Money-Aire competition.  One student is chosen from each homeroom and the selection of the student is based on perfect attendance.  The chosen students then take turns answering random trivia questions. The 4th Six Weeks Winners were: 3rd grade – Sarah Ford; 4th Grade – Daniel Rodriguez; and 5th Grade – Emma Fisher.  Congratulations guys on your big win!

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This morning we also drew for the Perfect Attendance Bicycle.  All of the students at the Intermediate School, who had perfect attendance for the 4th Six Weeks, had an opportunity to win.  Today’s winner was Marisol Garcia!

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Last but not least was the drawing for All As for the 4th Six Weeks.  The winner of this drawing wins an iPod Shuffle and iTunes Gift Card.  This morning our winner was Gracie Holland!

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Almost every morning I talk to the kids about how important it is to be at school everyday.  They are learning that being as school is what helps keep their grades up and improves their ability to listen and follow directions.  Most important to the kids is that coming to school and earning perfect attendance is the easiest way to win prizes at the Intermediate School.

I am so proud of all our students because they work had to make good choices, make good grades, and to come to school every day.  They are all winners in my book!

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