Employee Appreciation Banquet

Last night, EISD hosted its annual Employee Appreciation Banquet. The Banquet was held at the First Baptist Church in Eustace. Following a barbeque dinner catered by Danny’s Barbeque from Athens, several employees were recognized for their service to EISD. These employees received a service pin and a $15 gift card from Applebee’s.

5 Years
Gail Henderson
Truman Oakley
Adrienne McDonald
Heath Ragle
Beverly Fregia
DeWetta Crow
Joyce Byers
Mark Bailey
Tammy Dossey

10 Years
Robert Cook
Shanna Cook
Kara Weaver
Kenneth Henderson
Shelley Howard
Aimee Johnson
Kathleen Krumm
Carolyn Perkins
Sandra Hagood
Jacquelyn Rowley
Lindsay Westmoreland
Flo Ferrell

15 Years
Phyllis Bice
Judi Versace
Lynda Slay
Cheri Spivey
Kim Temple
Zulema Umana
Carolyn Simpson
Betty Bee

20 Years
Karen Thompson
Tami Dailey

25 Years
Elizabeth Costlow

30 Years
Robert Reeve

35 Years
Diane Chambers

In addition, the following employees are retiring at the end of the 2015-2016 school year. They received a special wooden school bell with their name and years of service to EISD.

Stephanie O’Connor – 3 years in Eustace, 10 years in education

Judi Versace – 15 years in Eustace, 50 years in education

Lisa Bynum – 18 years in Eustace, 25 years in education

Cheryl Cooper – 18 years in Eustace, 30 years in education

Mary Bell – 27 years in Eustace, 27 years in education

Faye Barnett – 29 years in Eustace, 29 years in education

Wanda Andrews – 30 years in Eustace, 33 years in education

Jan Walker – 31 years in Eustace, 31 years in education

Combined, these staff members have served 171 years in Eustace and a total of 235 years in education!!

Following these recognitions, over 100 door prizes were awarded to those in attendance. I would like to thank everyone who donated a prize for their contributions. I will be publishing another blog later today that lists all the sponsors.

I want to extend a thank you to all of our employees for all the things that you do everyday to make sure our students receive a “World-Class Education!”

A special thank you to Brother Paul McKinney, pastor at the First Baptist Church, for allowing us to use their great facilities!

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