Creative Fun…

via Digitally Creative Teacher by Jerri Davis

So have you tried Canva?  Canva is a site full of fun.  It allows you to create documents, presentations, social media graphics and just about any other idea that comes to mind! Professional graphics, presentations, and social media graphics can be achieved using the many themes offered by Canva or you can use your own media using Canva‘s layouts.  Canva has what seems like a gazillion images, photo filters, icons, shapes, and lots of fonts to make your Canva creations truly unique.

Just a disclaimer…though Canva has many, many free components to the site, it also has many that are not free.  However, Canva has so many free options that I feel you are not missing anything by not purchasing the full membership.  Canva is definitely worth checking out.  Enjoy your new digital masterpieces. 

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