Family Time Topics…

We have had a great start to our school year here at the Intermediate School.  We have begun our family time in the gym each morning.  We spend this time going over important information with our students.

“Earn it” is a topic we discuss every morning.  Here at the Intermediate School, we schedule many fun things for the students to participate in, including pep rallies, Fun Friday, and Fun in the Sun day just to name a few.  However for the students to attend and participate in the fun things they must earn the privilege. This means that they are making the effort to be at school every day, they are completing their classwork on time, and they are working hard to exhibit the best behavior possible.

We encourage our students to come to school every day.  Many of the things that we have here at the Intermediate school, whether trips or give-a-ways, depend on the student’s attendance.  If your child is sick, we encourage you to please bring your child to school and sign them in at 10am.  If your child has a doctor’s appointment, we encourage you to bring your child and sign them in at anytime during the school day.

The Intermediate School, along with EISD, has begun using Skylert to provide communication services to parents and staff.  Skylert will allow the school to make contact with you using phone messages, emails, and text messages. Skylert will also allow us to provide timely updates when your child misses school.

We thank you for all you do to help us make this school year a success so far.

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