Senior Meeting

A senior meeting was held on Thursday, September 8, and the following items were discussed:

1. For students planning to apply to four-year colleges or universities, now is the time to e getting those applications completed. For information on deadlines and possible freshman scholarships, got to the school website to get information. UT Austin and Texas A&M both have application deadlines of December 1- Texas Tech is February 1.
2. Students were given written information on applying for scholarships. When information comes to me, I publicize it through parent emails, I provide it to senior sponsors who post the information in their rooms, the information is put on the Eustace ISD website under Eustace High School- College Help Desk- Scholarships, and I will be sending out info directly to students who sign up for the Remind school messaging system. I will have available hard copies of scholarship applications in the file cabinet outside of my office- there are applications that are online only, and that information will be provided when the scholarship is advertised.
Students also need to be thinking NOW, of who they want to write a letter of recommendation for them. Written information was provided to them regarding the writing of a resume, which should be completed and handed to the person they ask to complete a letter. They should not wait until the last minute to ask someone to write a letter-give the person at least two weeks to write the letter, as they may have other letters to write, or other priorities to attend to. 2 or 3 letters is a good number to ask for. Ask, teachers, employers, pastors, or anyone who is not a family member and knows the student well to write a letter.
3. The first day to be able to apply for FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is now October 1. Students who plan on attending any kind of secondary education such as college or vocational or technical training need to complete this application in order to obtain any kind of student financial aid, including the Pell Grant. This should be completed as soon as possible and there are deadlines, and the sooner application is made, the more funds are available. Students need to visit to obtain a pin number and make application. If you ae asked to pay any money, you are on the wrong website- this is a free application.
4. Seniors have the ability to take two college days during their senior year. Written information was given to each student explaining the policy. Students need to obtain a college day permission form from me before the date they want to go, and they also need to bring a letter from the college, on college letterhead, that they visited the school.
5. Dual credit students need to be sure that they let me or Mrs. Bice know if they are having any difficulty in their college courses. As seniors, this could affect graduation and we cannot help if we have no idea that there is a problem. Students should be emailing, calling or going to see their dual credit teacher if they need help, or have concerns about the class. If there are issues contacting the teacher, let us know and we will intervene, but students need to take responsibility for initiating communication with their teacher.
6. Students were asked to join the Senior Class 2017 on the Remind messaging system, and we did it as a group. Students were asked to text @h8bgf to 81010, and this way I can send messages to them directly, regarding all things SENIOR.

Gwen Orr
Academic Advisor
Eustace High School

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