Budget Update – Federal Programs

So far, we have discussed the Maintenance and Operations ( M & O) portion of the budget and the Interest & Sinking ( I & S) portion of our budget. These two components of the budget rely on state funding and local tax effort. The M & O and I & S combine to account for a little over 81% of our total operating costs. The other 19% comes from various federal programs.

EISD receives the following amounts in federal funding:

Headstart – $98,162

Title I, Part A – $479,379

Title II, Part B – $50,174

IDEA-Part B (Federal Special Education Funding) – $367,637

IDEA Pre-K – $10,449

Title VI – Rural & Low Income – $32,522

Title I, Part C (Carl Perkins Vocational Grant) – $17,287

In addition, EISD will receive about $946,000 through our food service program. This will be a combination of local, state, and federal funds.

Excluding our food service program, for the 2016-2017 school year, EISD will receive approximately $1,055,610 in federal aid. Federal funds have very specific purposes and strict guidelines must be followed in expending federal funds. Below is a brief summary of the uses for each type federal aid that is received by EISD:

Headstart – used to pay for part of the salary of Headstart teachers and all of the salary for Headstart aides

Title I – used to supplement the overall education program throughout the district. Pays for salaries of staff members that provide intervention services (such as extra help with reading and math), funds professional development opportunities for all staff members, and provides other services through the Region 7 Service Center.

Title II – Used for class size reduction at the Intermediate School.

IDEA Part B – Provides funding for special education teachers and aides throughout the district.

IDEA Pre-K – Helps fund an aide position for our PPCD classroom

Title VI – Used to provide a math intervention program at the Middle School

Title I, Part C – Used to help provide supplies and materials to our CATE programs such as Ag, Technology, and Business classes.

The funds that we receive  through our federal programs, while not nearly the amount received through state and local funds, serve a vital role in the overall education program of EISD. The federal funds allow us to operate several supplemental programs throughout the district. As always, if you have any questions about our federal programs, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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