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Newspaper Clipping Generator  is a website that creates a newspaper clipping with your own name for a newspaper, headline, and story.  The Newspaper Clipping Generator  allows you to download your creation quite easily.  The site provides a download link and an embed code, located at the bottom of the newly generated clipping.  You are then able to use the image to suit your needs, however you should know that images are deleted from the server after a short time so get your image while you can., the maker of the Newspaper Clipping Generator  also has fun options to create different things.  Other than a newpaper clipping, you can also create a clapper board, talking squirrels, text ninja and various other options. 

Newspaper Clipping Generator  would be a fun tool for your Reading/Language Arts classroom.  Students can create their own stories, create summaries or practicing other reading skills, book reviews, and list could be quite endless.  Newspaper Clipping Generator  is definitely a tool worth checking out.

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