Scholarship; SFA Showcase Saturday; Southwestern University Pirate Preview; Senior Field Trip

June 19, 2017– The BigSun Organization is proud to be able to continue to help young athletes succeed in their academic pursuits. They are offering an annual scholarship to a deserving student. All student athletes are eligible for this award, regardless of which sport they are participating in. Their participation may be in any capacity, whether as a player, coach or official. Please visit to learn how to apply for this $500 scholarship.


Stephen F.Austin State University is holding a Showcase Saturday on  Saturday, November 12, 2016. This is a large open house event where students can meet with Financial Aid Counselors, tour residence halls, meet faculty & staff in their major departments, learn about student organizations, get FREE SFA gear, and so much more!! Registration begins at noon and the event is free!


Southwestern’s Pirate Preview on Monday, November 14, is the perfect opportunity for seniors to get the full college experience at this Georgetown university. During this day-long event, students will:

  • meet Dr. Burger, Southwestern’s President
  • attend an actual, real-life class
  • meet with professors in their major
  • join the luncheon with featured alumni speaker
  • connect with our inquisitive/creative students
  • tour our beautiful, award-winning campus
  • engage in admission, scholarship and financial aid sessions
  • participate in the overnight option of the program (Nov. 13)

Pirate Preview  registration/information can be found at:


Seniors will be attending College Day at TVCC on Thursday, November 10. Permission forms went out today and must be returned by Tuesday, November 8.

Seniors will be attending College Day at TVCC on Thursday, November 10. Permission forms went out today and must be returned by Tuesday, November 8.


via Digitally Creative Teacher by Jerri Davis

Seesaw has been simply described as a digital portfolio for students, but really is it so much more!  Seesaw is a tool that teachers are using to help organize student work, increase parent communications and facilitate those 21st Century skills that has become imperative for our students to learn.  A goal of using Seesaw is to see students become independent and taking ownership of their own learning.  Seesaw provides an audience for students’ work that exists outside the walls of the classroom.

The mission of Seesaw is “to create an environment where students can be their best.”  How awesome is that? Seesaw gives students the opportunity to reflect on their work and on their progress all while sharing their best work with an authentic audience.

Another essential component of  Seesaw is to provide students with a safe space to share their work. Teachers control what information is shared and how much information is shared.

Many of the K-2nd graders in my district have embraced Seesaw.  They are enjoying how easy this tool is to use not only for the students but for the teachers as well.  Mrs. Temple is a second grade teacher and she has embraced Seesaw full on.  She had it set up and ready to go before school began this year and used it during Meet the Teacher night.

This is the dashboard.  As you can see, it is very intuitive.  The options are easy to understand and easy to follow through.
Seesaw has a kind of Facebook feel, except it’s for the classroom. Students enjoy seeing their work posted and shared with others in their class.

Seesaw puts the teacher in control of what is posted and who is able to view the content.  Each students’ content is kept private and is only viewable by his or her parents. The teacher chooses what content is public as well.  In the Seesaw classroom, developers have created a “walled garden” so that students’ privacy is protected.
This is Mrs. Temple and Oliver.  They are taking the opportunity to share Seesaw with other teachers on campus.  Mrs. Temple wanted to be able to showcase how simple this product is to use for teachers and for students.
Oliver did a fantastic job of showcasing Seesaw to the teachers.  He simply snapped a picture, completed a task, accessed Seesaw, and posted to the class.
Mrs. Temple then showed how easy it was to find the assignment and choose the correct settings and give permission for the assignment to be posted.

Seesaw is a fabulous tool.  Definitely worth checking out, whether your are tech confident or a tech newbie this tool is designed with you and your class in mind.