Henderson County Livestock Show Results

Thanks to our Ag Science teacher, Theresa Tindel, for supplying this information.

HCLS Scholarship Recipient Brooke Reynolds  $1,000.00

Beef Heifer Show-  Eustace FFA Herdsman Award Winners

Gracie Pitchford – Reserve Champion Santa Gertrudis and Senior Champion Showman buckle winner
Cooper Cates- First place Santa Gertrudis
Abbie Cates- First place Santa Gertrudis
Sadie Cates – Second place Santa Gertrudis
Emma Finley- Second and fourth place Santa Gertrudis and third in Junior Showmanship
Olivia Herring- sixth place Non- Registered Class

Emma Bell Commercial Heifer show -3rd place with $3,500.00 auction price

Steer Show- Eustace FFA Herdsman Award Winners
Brooke Reynolds 3rd place and $3,750.00 auction price
Carson Stegall 5th place and 10th place and $3,000.00 auction price
Makenzie Skiles 7th place and $3,450.00 auction price

Goat Show- Eustace FFA Herdsman Award Winners
Mattie Goodson- Class 4 Champion and $1,900.00 auction price
Maggie Groom- 4th place and $1,500.00 auction price
Savannah McSwain- 5th place and $1,525.00 auction price
Emma Bell- 3rd place and $2,000.00 auction price
Others competing: Jodi Costlow, Skye Burns, Emma Finley, Ivan Umana

Lamb Show Eustace FFA Herdsman Award Winners
Zane Kuhn- Class Champion and  $1,400.00 auction price
Zane Kuhn 2nd place Lamb and $1,200.00 auction price
Katie Pritchard- 8th place lamb

Swine Show
Kelly Ashton – Class Champion OPB breed  and
Chloe Hinkle- 3rd place Cross Pig and
Raini Goodell 3rd place and 4th place Hampshire and Cross Pig and $2,300.00
Brody Sutton – 4th place and $2,000.00 auction price
Zane Kuhn- 12th place cross pig
Sarah Saine- 11th place cross pig and  $1,200.00 auction price
Sydney Smith- 5th place cross pig and $1,200.00 auction price
Others showing Clay Hinkle, Carson Stegall and Makenzie Skiles

Horse Show
Oliva Dailey- Overall High Performance Champion and Buckle
Olivia Dailey- Overall High Speed Champion and Buckle
Olivia Dailey- Runner-Up for Queen’s Contest

Rabbit Show
Avery Reeve 2nd place mini rex jr. buck
Jaymie Duke 2nd place lionhead
Jaci Gray 1st place lionhead
Romano girls, Jordan and Justyne placed anywhere from 1st to 6th with all of their rabbits

Others that competed are : Zoe Tunnell, Emma Dingledine, Bailey Barber, Caitlyn Huffman, Jade Gray, Maci Price, Brooke Reynolds, Bucky Womble, and Joey Womble

Poultry Show
Carson Stegall- Champion Game Bird and buckle winner and various division champions
Keylan Warren- Best Large Hen and other various placings in poultry division
David Gilbreath small poultry placings
Sierra Costilla-  Duck Division winner
John Saine- Duck division placings
Maci Penix- various placings in poultry division

Project Show
All the following received blue ribbon distinction and made the auction to sell their items:
Amber Turner
Kelsey Norton
Brodie Norton
Cannon Kilcrease
Abbi Spivey
Carson Stegall
Kiedra Hurd
Cierra Warren
John Saine

Ag Mech Show
JJ Hughes- 20 Ft Gooseneck trailer Blue Ribbon
Hunter Key/Gary Lovell-Smoking Chicken trailered pit blue ribbon
Johnny Davis- Hog trap, Blue Ribbon
Cody Salley- Metal Bench Swing, Blue Ribbon
Chandler Carter/Landry Johnson- Receiver Hitch BBQ Grill, Blue Ribbon
Jaymie Duke/Lizzy Ramsey- Chicken Coop, Second Place

We had 15 out of 22 students make the premier auction with over $31,000.00 in earnings.  This number will grow after add-on money is put into each kid’s project.  This amount does not include sales from the project show as the kids have already received their money.  Eustace FFA had another great year and I would like to thank everyone for their patience and support.

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