TSI Testing

There is still room for students to sign up for the TSI for September 22, 2017. I failed to include a deadline to sign up in my last email, but that deadline will be Tuesday, September 19, so that I can coordinate with TVCC.

Excerpt from email sent 8-31-17:
Any student who wants to take TVCC Dual credit classes must first pass the TSI, which is a college entrance exam. TVCC will be at the Eustace High School campus on Friday, September 22 and Thursday, October 26, to administer this exam for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors and seniors who have not taken and passed all 3 sections, and would like to be eligible to take dual credit courses in the future (freshmen will be eligible to take welding in the Fall of 2018). Eustace ISD will pay for two attempts to take the test and pass it- after that the student must pay the $30 test fee. So, if your student has already taken the test at least 2 times, you must pay the test fee before or on the day of the test. Study resources are located at:


Students may sign up for the September test in Ms. Orr’s office. Spaces are limited and will be offered on a first come first serve basis.


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