How a Dollar is Spent at EISD

Each year, I try to update how a dollar is spent at EISD. I calculate this based on the percent of expenditures for a given Function. To determine this percentage, I take the amount of funds budgeted in a Function and divided that by the total M & O budget. The  M & O budget is used for the daily operation of the district. Once a percent is known, then that percent is applied to a dollar. The total M & O budget for 2017-2018 is about $13.4 million. For 2017-2018, this is how a dollar in the M & O budget is spent:

Construction (Repair, maintenance, and projects throughout the year) – $0.01

Other Intergovernmental Charges (Payment for tax collections) – $0.01

Library – $0.01

Curriculum and Instruction – $0.01

Instructional Leadership – $0.01

Health – $0.01

Technology – $0.03

Administration – $0.04

Transportation – $0.04

Counseling – $0.04

Co-curricular/Extracurricular – $0.05

School Leadership – $0.06

Maintenance – $0.09

Instruction – $0.59

Note: The amounts above will not add up to exactly $1.00 because of rounding.

While it may seem that spending $0.01/dollar for some of the Functions is not very much, when you take into consideration a $13.4 million budget, that could correspond to an amount up to $134,000 for a Function.

One of the reasons that Maintenance is higher than other Functions is that all utilities (water, electricity, phone, natural gas) are paid under Maintenance.

If you have any questions about how a dollar is spent at EISD, please do not hesitate to contact me. The easiest way is to email me at


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