Pennies for Kooper and Kash

This is Kooper and Kash.

Kooper is a 5th grader here at the Intermediate School.  Kooper has been diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL) with a second and third diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy and mild to moderate developmental delay.  As a child with PVL gets older, seizures are usually part of the deal. While he has had several Grand Mal Seizures, he primarily suffers from silent seizures.  Kooper has been gifted with Kash…named after Johnny Cash, Kash will be  trained as a service animal for  Kooper.

Beginning today, Monday, March 19th through Friday, March 30th the Intermediate School will be hosting a penny drive, Pennies for Kooper and Kash, to donate to the fund to help provide training for Kash to become a service dog for Kooper.  We are asking students to give what they can for the next two weeks, whether it is a little or a lot, so that we do our best to help Kooper and Kash! We are excited for this opportunity to help one of our own. Thanks in advance for any donation you and your kids can make.

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